Carbon Capture and Sequestration Methods

It is widely agreed that C02 levels in atmosphere impact global temperatures. The metric here is parts per million C02. This has historically been around 275 and based on a reading from my apartment in hoboken, we are at 402.

Reducing atmospheric C02 requires 2 steps.

  1. Capturing the C02 out of the air (carbon capture)
  2. Making sure the C02 stays out of the air (carbon sequestration)

Below are approaches to capturing and sequestering C02.

High concentration C02 Emission Capture at source

Electrostatic Separation (1)
Natural Gas to Fuel Cell  to Lime Kiln to create QuickLime (CaO) (1)
Alge C02 Capture (1, 2)

Atmospheric Capture and Sequestration

In-situ carbonation of peridot (1, 2, 3)
Ocean Ion Fertilization → Alge Capture (1, 2)
Direct Air Capture Solution Based (1)
Direct Air Capture Biochar (1)
Direct Air Capture Moss (1)

Ocean surface capture and de-acidification

Ground peridot dissolution (1, 2)
Seaweed and sea-plant capture (1)
Calcium carbonate powder dissolution (Project Celsius experiment)



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